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India Tours & Travel Plans >> Adventure Tours >> Horse Safari

Horse Safari
Thar Desert to the Aravalli Hills - 7 Nights / 8 days in Shekhawati (Nawalgarh to Salasar), The Aravalli Hill Ride - 7 Nights / 8 days to Pushkar (Nawalgarh Shekhawati to Pushkar), The Thar Desert Safari - 6 Nights / 7 days towards Bikaner, Weekend Horse Safari - 4 Nights / 5 days to Samode (Nawalgarh Shekhawati to Samode)

Thar Desert to the Aravalli Hills

DAY 0 : Arrive at Rohetgarh, (40 Km) from Jodhpur & Overnight at Rohetgarh. Rohetgarh is an old family property of the Thakur of Rohet, and now converted into a Hotel with beautiful rooms. Pool etc. The Garh is walled all around and set within a village in the semi-desert country.

DAY 1 : AM Ride 12 Km through scrubland to visit the hamlets of the Bishnoi tribe. You will see herds of Blackbuck & Chinkara. Return to Rohetgarh for lunch. PM: leisure at Poolside or Village walk. Overnight at RohetGarh.

DAY 2 : AM Ride again through sandy tracts and scrubland, passing quaint hamlets of mud-huts occupied
by the various colourfully clad tribes of the desert. (25 Km ride)
NOON : Lunch at the splendid Sardar Samand Palace, property of the Maharaja of Jodhpur, situated at the
edge of a huge lake, on a hill overlooking miles of open country around you.
PM Relax in the luxurious Palace with its comfortable rooms. Pool on the terrace, and watch the birdlife on
the Lake Overnight at the Sardar Samand Palace.

DAY 3 : Ride off after an early breakfast, through open scrubland, along dusty trails, passing through villages upto Utwan. (22Km). Here we stop for a picnic lunch, prepared hot on site.
PM We start getting into greener tracts, skirting the huge Hemawas Dam, until by sunset we reach
Sodawas Kot. (23 Km).
Overnight at Karni Kot, Sodawas a country mansion of Th. Sunder Singh who will be your Host.

DAY 4 : Another long day-another early start. 20 Km through Farms and bigger villages. You watch the landscape change from dry thorny scrub of the first two days to taller trees and rich fertile farmlands. You will see the multifarious use of oxen in ploughing, carting and irrigation. Arrive at an Old Shiva Temple for Lunch.
Ride on and we start getting into low hillocks and open grassland, and 22 Km later we are at an ancient 200 yr old castle in the middle of a small rustic shepherds village. The castle has been provided with modem amenities.
Overnight at Kotri Castle. The owner, your host is the Thakur from the nobility of the House of Ghanerao.

DAY 5 : AM Ride off after breakfast past rich farmland, lakes and villages to Ranakpur. (25 Km). Lunch at Maharani Bagh.
PM : Drive by Jeep (4 Km) to visit the famous Ranakpur Jain Temples circa 1482 AD. The huge structure is marble, and intricately carved deities and Apsaras adorn the pillars, domes and walls of this awe inspiring structure.
Overnight : The Maharani Bagh Orchard Retreat of the Maharani of Jodhpur. You wiH be staying in cottages
within the Orchard.

DAY 6: AM : We now ride into the Aravalli Hills. Through wooded country, and part of the Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary. One can spot Deer and wild boar while on horseback through the Sanctuary, and come into a valley inhabited by the Tribal Garaoas. Lunch at the Hunting Lodge of the Ghanerao family.
PM : Now the tough part of the ride. We climb 2000ft in 3 hrs, through the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife
Sanctuary to arrive at The Aodhi - Hotel .
Later visit the famous Kumbhalgarh Fort built 1462AD by the Maharana Kumbha as a retreat for the forces of Mewar. This Fort has a history of many battles and remains as probably the only unconquered Fort.
Overnight at The Aodhi Hotel.

The Aravalli Hill Ride

Day 1 : Arrive Ex Jodhpur (3 hrs drive) or ex Udaipur (3hrs) at Kotri for Lunch.
PM Try out horses. Ride out to visit the 7th. cent. Archaeological site, and return via open country, through volcanic outcrops.
Overnight at Kotri Raola. ( A 200 yr old Castle with modem amenities. The owner - Th.Mahendra Singh will be your host )

Day 2 : AM Ride out past open farmland ,visiting a Marwari Horse Stud Farm en-route to the rocky hills of Narlai. (This is a 3 hr ride) Lunch.
PM : Leisure at Narlai, Climb the Rock of Narad, & visit the many temples in the village. Overnight at Narlai Rawla ( a Classic Heritage Hotel )

Day 3 : AM Ride out past farms and lakes, you see the colourful shepherds with their sheep, the farmers working the fields. (Your riding escort will all the while be answering your queries on the traditions and customs of Rajasthan.) You will soon arrive at the Muthana bird lake.( 3 hr ride ) Here we stop for refreshments and watch the migratory birds of Rajasthan. Another hour and a half skirting the merchant town of Sadri brings us to Maharani Bagh. Lunch.
PM Visit the Famous 15th. century Ranakpur Jain Temples by Jeep (4 km away). Overnight at Maharani Bagh. (This is a cottage resort)

Day 4 : AM Ride along the Aravalli foothills, through scrubland in the periphery of the Wildlife preserve and past tribal villages to Ghanerao ( 3 hr ride ). Lunch.
PM At Leisure, visit die village etc. Overnight Castle Ghanerao.(16th century. With modem amenities. The Thakur of Ghanerao will be your host.)

Day 5 : AM Ride up a Steep trail through the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary to Kumbhalgarh (4 hrs) . Lunch at The Aodhi.
PM Visit the unconquered Kumbhalgarh Fort, with its huge bastions, 9 gates, and 36 Km of unbroken 20ft thick wall. (circa 15th. century) Overnight The Aodhi Hotel.

From here the clients depart for Udaipur (2 hr drive).
(NB: On Day 5 If the clients are not experienced enough as riders they may have to be taken up to Kumbhalgarh by jeep. This decision will be taken by your Riding Escort.)

The Thar Desert Safari

Day 1 : AM Set off from Marudyan Resorts via Raisar and past Camel Breeding Farm to Udramsar (15 Km) Lunch.
PM Ride on to Sujasar (10 Km) and to Deshnok Oran (5Km) Camp
Visit the Karri Mata Rat Temple by Jeep (3 Km ) Overnight in Tented Camp.

Day 2 : AM Ride past temple to Maniyano (20Km) Lunch
PM Maniyano - Desalsar - Hiyandesar - to Harsolai nadi(21 Km) Overnight in Tented Camp.

Day 3 : AM Nadi - Kudsu - Udasar - Kishnasar. (20 Km) Lunch.
PM Kishnasar - Barsingali nadi (8 Km) Overnight in Tented Camp.

Day 4 : AM Nadi to Jaysinghdesar ( 14 Km ) Lunch.
PM Jaysinghdesar - Chalara ( Karan's Land) (11 Km ) Overnight in Tented Camp.

Day 5 : AM Chakra - Mokha - Aadia- Gajner ( 25 Km ) Lunch.
PM At Leisure and Overnight Ga)ner Palace.

The above ride is through open sandy terrain past temples, bishnoi villages, and miles of sand dunes. One gets to see plenty of Chinkara deer all through the ride. The camps are all at oases in the desert. The back up is by a ruling family of the area, and we will be camping mostly on their lands. Some of the sand dunes are even more impressive than at Jaisalmer, and the riding will be tough. The Horses for this ride are from the Stables of the Maharana of Mewar based at his Palace in Gajner. This is where the ride will terminate.

Weekend Horse Safari

Day 1 : Arrive ex Jodhpur/Udaipur to Kotri Rawla for Lunch (2 hr drive).
PM Ride around the area to visit the villages of the rabari's (Shepherds) with their colourful turbans and beards. The true nomads of the desert .
Overnight in Kotri Rawla a 200 yr old castle converted into a Heritage Hotel with modem amenities. You will be hosted personally by the owner, a Thakur of the nobility of Ghanerao.

Day 2 : AM Ride past farmlands, villages to the Muthana Lake (2 hr ride) to view the bird life that abounds in this area. After refreshments you can transfer to Jeeps to drive 'A an hour to visit the famous Ranakpur Jain Temples. Lunch at Maharani Bagh and drive back to Kotri Rawla for the night.

Day 3 : AM Drive to The Aodhi for Lunch (I Vi hrs ) PM Visit the Famous Kumbhalgarh Fort and continue to Udaipur.

* The above tours / itineraries / travel plans can be rearranged / tailormade / customised as desired by our Guests. Feel free to ask for references from our satisfied customers across the globe who have utilised our services in the Indian subcontinent.


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