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Hansholidays >> Client Appreciation/ Testimonials

Our Client's Appreciations/Testimonials

Maria Afsharian Tuesday May 22, 2012 07:41

Hi dear Kumar,
how are you. I am now in the US and in the process of finding an apartment, but I want to extend an invitation for you to come visit here.
And I will try to promote your company as often as I can. I just got here so I don't know very many people, but I think it is a good place for you to advertise.

You are a wonderful travel company and person!

Shikha Data, Saturday 12 May, 2012 04:36

Dear Mr. Kumar,
Thank you so very much for all your efforts and sincerity towards making our trip truly beautiful and memorable. Your undying commitment and a constant smile made this trip even more wonderful.
No matter where we went, no matter how long the journey, no matter how tired all of us were including yourself, you were always on your toes to make sure everyone was comfortable and was well taken care of and for this I'm extremely grateful. You took care of us like we were your own family and this speaks volumes about your dedication to your work.
Do visit me in Rajasthan sometime. Lots of love and blessings to you and your family. May you achieve a lot of joy, happiness and success in your life.

Love and light,

Ganapathy Nagarajan Friday 02 March, 2012 12:36

Dear Kumar,
Thanks for your kind greetings and wish you and your family the best of health and prosperity.While on the subject,my wife and myself would like to thank you for the best efforts undertaken by you during our tour.In fact,I was appreciating your sincerity in giving us the most comfortable tour.We cannot forget your smile inspite of our repeated demands.
Also,your knowledge on the history of the places visited was amazing.Please keep up this spirit and I am sure you will be very successful in your career.

Best Regards,

Maria Afsharian, Tuesday 28 February, 2012 01:21

Hi Kumar,
We made it home to Shiraz. We had a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL time. We missed you very much in Delhi, and realized even more what a great gift you were for us. Not only were you a wonderful tour operator and guide. I consider you one of the best people I have ever met. We laughed so much - you made it so much fun - and also you made us feel very safe and taken care of. I will get on trip advisor as soon as possible and write something. I am hoping that you think seriously about coming to visit us in Iran. I will be visiting the travel agency and tell them about our wonderful trip! I will never forget everything you did for us...everything, you solved all our problems every day. I am so greatful.
You are officially invited to come here and see us. Qatar Airways or Air India have flights directly to shiraz. You have a place to stay and a lot of good iranian food! Let us know, and if your wife and children want to come that would be great too!

Kumar We miss you. Thank you, thank you.

Sangeeta Karkhanis, Saturday 25 February, 2012 08:41

Dear Kumarji,
This was to personally thank you for the wonderful organisation of the pilgrimage. I was deeply touched by your sincerity, laughter and caring nature. God bless you and your family and may you be healthy, happy and at peace.

warm regards

Dr. P. G. Gamage, Monday 06 February, 2012 18:05

Dear Mr. Kumar,
As a quality management consultant and the team leader of our group, I would like to show our gratitude for your excellent services provided for us throughout the journey.
Since it was our first Buddhist pilgrimage to India, some of our group members who came from Australia and the United Kingdom were very nervous about the difficult journey; after listening to many horror stories about the journey and facilities. Thanks to your logistics, I am glad to say we never experience any difficulties as such and we had a very pleasant journey.
One of the most important parts of your services was the quality of your communication. You always responded to my emails in time and kept me informed everything we wanted to know. However, some of our members had difficulties with your verbal communication.
You had organised our trip to suit our individual needs, comfort and particular requirements and our group members are particularly grateful for you. At the beginning of the journey, we were nervous about everything. When we met you at Delhi airport, actually we were relieved and we felt India as our own country. You thought about our safety and security and advised us accordingly with a lovely smile.
All our members felt that your punctuality was excellent and you never let us down. You always worried about our comfort. We are grateful to your quality services.
Nothing is perfect in this world. We only can do our best. I know you want to improve the quality of your services. May I suggest improving the quality of your pronunciation and learning a bit more about the historical background and stories specific to the places we visited?
Once again, thank you very much for looking after us during our shopping as well! We never forget how hard you worked to obtain visa for us at Nepal border. I am looking forward for my next pilgrimage to India with you.

Kind regards,
Quality Management Consultant
Chartered Quality Practitioner

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P. D. Chandrawansa Tuesday 12 January, 2012

Candy David Tuesday 29 November, 2011

Susana & Family Friday 18 November, 2011

K. Duangporm November, 2011

Vijay Singh, Mumbai Febuary 26, 2010

Ranjan & Mahendra Febuary 26, 2010

S. B. Kamdar Febuary 25, 2010

DATO' TAN SENG SUNG April 16, 2009

David Chen Febuary 13, 2006

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